MAMM workshops based on music and theatre

Make Art Make Music 

MAMM is a group of professional artists, devoted to personal and professional growth through music and theatre. We lead open workshops and workshops for business.

The Members MAMM Group:

Natalia Babińska (Musician, Theatre and Opera Director, Founder of MAMM.PL)

Judy Turan (Actress, Art Coach, Meisner Method Trainer)

Wioletta Matysiak (Business Trainer, Coach)

Paweł Paszta (Theatre Director, Drama Method Trainer)

Ula Kijak (Theatre Director, Creative Thinking Trainer)

Diana Marszałek (Stage and Costume Designer)

Monika Sadkowska (Actress, Manager of Culture, Physical Theatre Trainer)

Martyna Kander (Stage and Costume Designer)

Marceli Zielnik (Movie Maker)


We are pleased to introduce our workshops (examples). If you find it interesting or you would like to learn more, please contact.

MUSIC LESSON for individuals and groups. Playing instruments, singing, composing, ear training. Trainer: Natalia Babinska

ONE WO / MAN SHOW. Workshops based on Meisner method. Trainer: Judy Turan

PRESENTATION – COME OUT THE SCHEME! Individual rehearsal with the director. Trainer: Natalia Babinska.

OUR CABARET! Workshops based on drama method. Trainer: Pawel Paszta.

I / YOU / WE = CREATE - workshops of creative thinking. Trainer: Ula Kijak.

WE MAKE ART-MANIFEST. Street Performance Workshop. Trainer: Natalia Babińska.

MY WAY IS MY BEST. Coaching for the Young. Trainer: Wioletta Matysiak. 


The goal of the workshop is to develop the following competencies:

- self-presentation, image in the media and in life
- creativity
- integration in the group
- stress control 
- resolving conflict situations
- motivation

The purpose of the Workshops is to make performance with workshops’ participants. All classes are based on theater: we use several methods: improvisation on stage, rehearsal with director, drama method, creative thinking workshop, game.

The plan of the workshop is made for you and always meets your needs and expectations. After the diagnosis, we propose the scenario of the training program.

- opens and reveals. Theatrical activities help the participants' to realize their undiscovered potential.

- forces participants to come out of the schematic thinking and behavior. Through the original and non-invasive way participants find their hidden talents and train new patterns of reaction.

- entertains and intrigues. Theatrical activities are an interesting variation of the standard training.

- always lead to the point: spectacle. The public show is the best opportunity to try out newly learned skills.

- introduces a unique artistic quality. The quality of workshops leaded by artistic successful professionals guarantees not only learning process, but much more. It brings a sense of satisfaction, admiration, community.

- is oriented to achieve the effects. The professional personal trainer supervision provides a focus on achieving a specific purpose.

The workshops are addressed to groups and to individuals.
In the case of Team Workshops Actions, we recommend the groups up to 20 participants, due to the need for individual treatment of each person.

Classes, regardless of the form adopted, are pointed by the show: theater performance, presentation or happening. Through the show participants try and present the effect of their work to their viewers. Performance is also unforgettable experience as well as big fun for all.

You can video the workshop process and show.
Do you have questions? Please,
contact us.
We invite you to the world of learning through personal adventure: Theatre.